Transport 3D Modeling in Your 3D Modeling Artist Portfolio – Tips and Recommendations

Are you a 3d visualization artist? If you want to try a new field and start modeling vehicles – read this article first. We’ll show some details about this field to prepare you.

Transport 3D Modeling in Your 3D Modeling Artist Portfolio – Tips and Recommendations

3d modeling is a popular sphere developing constantly. Everyday new fields to apply these technologies appear. The transport industry is changing, games are becoming more and more realistic, the government follows the trends. That’s why there’s a demand in 3d modeling artist portfolios containing transport 3d modeling experience.

What is special about transport 3d visualization?

  • First of all, if you work on the government’s projects, be ready for a high level of responsibility. All your mistakes have an impact on people’s health. That’s why don’t agree to such projects until you’re sure that skilled enough.
  • When you change even little objects, make sure it’s possible to implement such technologies into life. A good 3d visualization artist should know everything about transport, vehicle technical characteristics and limits.
  • If your goal is to work with game developers, choosing transport modeling is a good decision. Almost every game uses vehicle 3d models, and sometimes they’re very futuristic. So, this work won’t be boring.

How to become a transport 3d modeling artist?

Before adding this service to your 3d modeling artist portfolio, finish some online courses. There are hundreds of websites offering online education, sometimes the materials are available for free. We’ve found some interesting examples for you.

  • Udemy. This platform offers a lot of field-specific courses devoted to 3d modeling. For example, there are special lessons on how to create an environment, video game weapons, Captain America’s motorcycle etc. By finishing such focused courses you’ll become a professional.
  • This website has a great course to complete your 3d modeling artist portfolio. In 4 hours students will get the whole picture of creating cars and other vehicles from finding the necessary references to rendering the final model.
  • Autodesk. The website provides visitors with real cases about using 3d modeling software in cars production. After reading their materials, you’ll understand how prosperous these skills are.

The examples of vehicle modeling to get inspired

If you’re looking for inspiration, open 3dreachwebsite. This company is focused on vehicle modeling. In their 3d modeling artist portfolio, there are examples of planes, ships and even control panels.