TOP 5 Virtual Reality Arcade Game

Virtual reality (VR) has become a way to stimulate our senses and expand our possibilities. in a Virtual Reality Arcade we can travel the world to live games of all kinds as if it were a real experience.

The growing popularity within the market is due, above all, to the integration of content focused on virtual reality on platforms such as YouTube and virtual reality arcade game industry. Playstation 4 has nearly two million VR glasses sold and its virtual reality tool has been a huge success in sales with more than two hundred games in the catalog. Google, seeing the growth of this market, has been one of the top sponsors of this technology for their Android devices, with peripherals and apps perfectly optimized to get the most out of it.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a new exclusive video game for the virtual reality of PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR. Developed by Japan Studio (The Playroom), we invite you to embody Captain Astro in a funny story. In this way, and as a captain of a spaceship, we must travel different planets to find our lost crew. We will cover 26 different levels, with different environments and different enemies, while we visit up to 5 worlds in our adventure, with their corresponding final bosses. Thanks to the PlayStation VR technology, players can locate the camera in different positions: from below, from above, at an angle of 180 degrees or by leaning around the corners to discover nooks and go through them.

Moss VR

Moss is an adventures, platforms and puzzles title for PlayStation 4 and its virtual reality solution PS VR. In Moss players follow the adventures of Quill, a little mouse, through a world brimming with magic and fantasy. Together with him, users must accompany him through his delusions of greatness. As a character in the world, players have to work to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and avoid the dangers in their path, establishing a very special relationship with the diminutive hero.

DiRT Rally

Codemasters returns to the quest to create the ultimate rally title with realistic driving that puts our skills to the test. It offers a multitude of weather conditions and the vehicle will suffer both external and mechanical damages that we will have to try to repair within the time that will be given between stage and stage. As for the available modes, we will have at our disposal rally championships, asynchronous rally and personalized rally events.

Wipeout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection is a compilation that includes the remastering of WipEout HD, WipEout Fury and WipEout 2048. In this way, we can play at a resolution of 1080p on PlayStation 4 and 4K dynamic on PS4 Pro, with both versions running at 60 images per second. In addition, the graphics have been renewed and the soundtrack is completely new, including 28 licensed tracks from artists like The Chemical Brothers or The Prodigy. It will also keep multiplayer a split screen and online up to eight players.

Pinball FX2 VR

Pinball FX2 VR is a Virtual Reality Arcade game aimed at the virtual reality of PlayStation VR. Its objective is to recreate the experience of playing on a pinball machine in a more realistic immersive way than ever before. The title will conserve the traditional classification tables of the saga with all the Pro Score, Team Score and table statistics. In addition, it also includes the tables Mars, Secrets of the Deep, Epic Quest and one inspired by The Walking Dead that will add conflicts and resolutions as in the Telltale Games titles.