Listen to music online music 24×7

You can listen to music at various services free of charge and above all legally online. This list shows you which platforms can be used. In most cases the platforms are financed by advertising revenue. Of this, a small part goes to the artists. Here is a list of the simplest and most popular services. Just try out what is the most comfortable way for you personally to listen to music for free. Since every person has a different daily routine and different habits, their personal preferences for listening to music also vary. You can divide the legal services into 3 categories

  • Streaming provider
  • Online Radios
  • Video platforms

Streaming provider

There are several streaming providers that offer you access to millions of songs. These are financed by advertising between the songs and the opportunity to become a premium customer. But you do not have to use the premium subscription all the time. So you can also access all songs for free in Moviebox PC. The creation of own playlists is also possible. Streaming means that the songs are downloaded at the moment of listening. They are not permanently stored on your PC.

Online Radios

There are numerous online radios where you can listen to free and legal music. Again and again, advertising is used to finance the services. Meanwhile, there are also concepts in which individually tailored to their own taste in music a radio program is cut together. The classic radio with moderators and fixed playlist is also available on the net.

Video platforms

Another way to listen to music online is video portals. There are several providers where you can watch free music videos in the browser. This is financed by advertising inserts and is therefore also a legal way to listen to music online.The best way to motivate yourself is with your favorite music but this is not always possible when especially in a large office because the tastes of colleagues cannot be reconciled. In this case, background music is recommended for all so that the work can still benefit from the sounds.

Conclusion: which music to choose?

When soft sounds of nature such as a rainforest or the rustling of leaves are played nobody has to worry about employees falling asleep. Although calms nature music but at the same time increases the concentration. The pituitary gland releases the growth hormone HGH which lowers the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol in the blood. Thus, the heart rate and blood pressure are also reduced and the body is in an attentive but relaxed state.Film music is something most people can relate to with Movie box App. Key scenes are musically a bit of a drama which is also reflected in the tasks to be mastered.