End of Top Dark Net Market: Get High Risk Merchant Account

The largest Dark Net market in the world is closed. Dream Market announces it was going shut on April 30, 2019. The decision was based on certain vague circumstances. To know more on the topic and discover a unique high risk merchant account, just read the lines below.

Dark Net Markets: High Risk Merchant Account

The Dark Net or Dark Web makes up part of the internet that one can access only with the help of special software/hardware. It contains clandestine websites that normal search engines can’t find. According to the analytics firm Chainalysis, the Dark Net market activity grew with almost double digits last year.

Dark Net markets appeared (the way they’re today) in 2011 when Ross Ulbricht founded Silk Road. The latter was a black market operating over the internet. In fact, this was the 1st modern Dark Net market and was popular for selling illegal drugs.

Now, the biggest, longest running and most popular player in the field is shut after having suffered a hack attack that held the site hostage for $400k. This closure is going to put an end to hundreds of thousands of listings accounting for millions of dollars in trade on a weekly basis.

Lots of online drug traders think the shutdown could be a police trap. What if the original site is now under the FBI’s control? In fact, there’s no second thought that the FBI and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) have been working on closing Dream for years.

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Dream Market Isn’t the Only One to Close

According to Patrick Shortis, one of the criminology researchers at Manchester University, the shutdown of Dream Market is even a greater mystery. Why? Well, the marketplace is planning to open again on a new URL. Could this point to a “partner market?”

The DEA reports that law enforcement executed 65 search warrants, got hold of 299.5 kilograms of drugs, 51 firearms, as well as 4.5 million in cryptocurrency, $2.48 million in cash, and $40.000 in gold.

What’s more, the Justice Department shut a black web drug directory, DeepDotWeb, and arrested 2 men who were allegedly running it. The directory was bringing in millions in revenue and serving dark web marketplaces trading illicit drugs. U.S. Attorney Scott Brady notes that shutdowns like this are too important as they can stop the generation of hundreds of millions of dollars associated with illegal purchases.

To sum up, purchasing illegal products is now easier than ever “thanks to” the “success” of the dark web. According to Marina Kidron, director of threat intelligence at Skybox Security, the black web will become even darker and cleverer with years. For legal high risk businesses, there’s nothing to worry about. Just work only with a secure and reliable merchant services provider to get the best for your business.

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