Greater Opportunities for the Best File Reading and Transferring Now

ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap use to be an application used absolutely with the Scan Snap. This program is only perform text recognition of the PDF files that were created making use of the Scan Snap. You cannot recognize the text of PDF files created making use of Adobe Acrobat or another application.

Characteristics of the OCR function

The OCR function has the following characteristics. Before performing text recognition, check whether the documents are appropriate or not for text recognition by consulting the following guidelines:

Information that cannot be reproduced as in the original document

The next parameters might not be replicated as they happen to be in the unique document. It happens to be recommended verifying the result of the text acknowledgment in Word, Excel or PowerPoint and, if essential, change the data. With abbyy finereader free download the options get better.

At the time we managed to solve the problem using Google Drive and other #apps to convert the image file to text, but We had to do several laps and make some vicissitudes (such as using various programs to digitally trim stamps, logos and other elements that generated noise in the process) to achieve it in a moderately effective way .

In the end, the result was not perfect; for the same reason, we took on the task of looking for an option that was not very difficult to use! Sowehad to license software, for me it was worth having this kind of help that, besides saving time, can eliminate human errors so frequent in the process of developing new businesses. After searching for a while,wefound ABBYY Fine Reader 14 which, apart from doing the image conversion to text, allows editing, reviewing, protecting, comparing, converting PDF files and scanned documents.

Therefore, if any of the readers thinks thatwemissed or left something that was relevant,weask the favor of letting me know. Also, if there is something you did not like, it would also be interesting to let me know by placing a comment in the article; that if, in a measured way, because first of all it is necessary to remember that “between tastes, there are no dislikes”.

Other points to keep in mind

  • When you happen to convert a document that is longer than the greatest size allowable by Word, the maximum paper size obtainable for Word will be used.
  • When converting documents into Excel files, if the appreciation result goes beyond 65,536 lines, no more results can be saved.

When converting documents to Excel files, the design information of the entire document, diagrams and height / width of the graphs and tables will not be reproduced only tables and character strings will be played.

A converted PowerPoint document will not have the original background color and patterns.Documents that are in the wrong direction or in horizontal orientation cannot be recognized correctly. Use Rotate a scanned picture to its accurate orientation, or put the documents in the correct orientation.